this is us.

Wolfstreet creates powerful visual content, campaigns and stories.
At Wolfstreet we see the simplicity in the complex, the patterns in the seemingly erratic. We believe any effective campaign should evoke and convey emotion. To get the message across in the right tone of voice. To inspire action or evoke empathy, to feel sympathy or hold pride. Whatever the message, we share it in the means best suited for your audience.
Our culture

Driven by passion and curiosity, we form a united multidisciplinary team with the knowledge and skills necessary to take creativity from ideation to production. We care for an open minded, diverse and inclusive team and work environment, in which innovative and bold ideas can thrive.

We value quality and have a very high standard of what ‘good work’ should look like. We’ve set the bar high and aim to break ceilings wherever we can.

We like to work hard, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Inspirational settings power creativity, that’s why our beautiful office is situated right in the center of Amsterdam.

We offer our clients a full range of integrated creative and production services:
  • Strategy
    Tailored (brand) campaign strategies.
  • Creative
    Fully integrated advertising campaigns and concepts for digital and traditional channels.
  • Production
    High-end video and photography content.
  • Post-production
    Editing, Visual Effects, Retouching, Color Grading and Sound (Design).
  • Motion design
    Animation and motion design to make static visuals come to life.