this is us.

Wolfstreet creates powerful visual content, campaigns and stories.
At Wolfstreet, we provide high-quality, integrated creative and production services for our clients. By combining creative, production, and post-production, we deliver engaging and effective campaigns and content with fast turnarounds and smart budgets. Whether it's a talent-driven social media campaign or a high-end TV commercial: we are committed to producing creative work that really stands out.
Our culture

As a new breed of agency, we realized early on that you can’t talk about culture if the people behind your culture don’t stick around long enough to create it.

Our people stick around, and many of our interns even go on to become juniors. Of course, this could be attributed to our delicious vegetarian lunches, our legendary team outings, or our awesome Friday afternoon drinks – all of which are indeed reasons to stay. But we believe it’s more than that.

We value and actively support diversity, equity and inclusion. Not just for ourselves but because we believe different perspectives make the work better. As one of the fastest-growing agencies in the Netherlands, we’ve also managed to maintain a fair and diverse gender representation across all departments as we grow.

It’s with this diverse, multidisciplinary team of creatives, strategists, producers, editors, designers, and colorists that we take content from ideation to production all under one roof – a unique mix that makes Wolfstreet what it is.

We offer our clients a full range of integrated creative and production services:
  • Strategy
    Tailored (brand) campaign-, content- and social channel strategies.
  • Creative
    Fully integrated advertising campaigns and concepts for digital and traditional channels.
  • Production
    High-end video and photography content production.
  • Post-production
    Editing, Visual Effects, Retouching, Color Grading and Sound (Design).
  • AI content creation
    Integrating artificial intelligence to generate personalized and dynamic content, elevating creativity and streamlining production.
  • Motion design
    Animation and motion design to make static visuals come to life.