Adyen – Hidden Value

Client Adyen
Campaign EMEA brand positioning
This campaign marks Adyen’s strategic initiative to strengthen its position as the preferred partner for financial technology for businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Building on its established reputation as the payment platform of choice, Adyen is now focusing on highlighting its extensive range of solutions tailored to the ambitious goals of large enterprises.
Adyen - Unlocking Business Value
Our approach

With this latest campaign, Wolfstreet demonstrates how our joint efforts yield tangible benefits for brands operating internationally. This includes leveraging our in-house production and post-production teams for highly efficient execution.

The campaign emphasizes Adyen’s ability to drive business growth through its leading platform, seamlessly integrating payments, data analytics, and financial products. By enabling companies to optimize their operations and seize new opportunities, Adyen empowers its clients to realize their full potential in a rapidly changing market environment.

Efficient production, versatile post-production

The campaign features visually appealing imagery captured in Cape Town, South Africa. The production team dedicated three days to create two hero videos and 11 key photographs. Wolfstreet designed sets for various payment scenarios, such as retail stores, a restaurant, a house, and an office.

A diverse range of assets and cutdowns for diverse channels were created, carefully localized for the specific needs of 11 countries in the region, accommodating multiple languages and currencies. The campaign is crafted with a regional focus, considering varying levels of market maturity.

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