CampaignUnobvious Stories

Adyen does things differently. From their payments platform to the way they sell to some of the world’s most innovative companies. But how to stand out as an employer in a highly competitive tech market?

The answer: by making a recruitment campaign that captures the company’s unique work culture while creating a filter for both the employer and the candidate.

working at adyen

Wolfstreet created together with Iris Amsterdam the creative concept ‘Unobvious Stories’. A storytelling tool that was used to intrigue and interest like-minded talent about Adyen.

‘Unobvious Stories’ focussed on setting up the ‘obvious’ from an outsider’s perspective, and then contrasting it with the ‘unobvious’ Adyen way of doing things.

Over 20 films were created in which employees told about their work experiences at Adyen. Through this means, different ways in which Adyen continues to look for the unobvious were highlighted – from unobvious ambitions to unobvious career paths to achieving them.

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