CampaignWe Are ASML

ASML is a company with a truly global impact. Whatever device you’re on right now, chances are it’s powered by a microchip made by one of ASML’s EUV lithography systems. When ASML came to Wolfstreet to create their first global brand film ever, we decided to take inspiration from their technology and approach things from up close.

Our Approach

“We Are ASML” demystifies ASML and their impact on the world, by showing how chip-powered devices have helped four of their employees unlock their own potential and that of their loved ones. The outcome isn’t just a brand film, it’s an ASML film that each of their 40,000 employees can identify with. 

For social media, “We Are ASML” saw mini character portraits delve deeper into the characters we see in the brand film. The campaign was localized for 12 markets around the world. 

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