CampaignA Letter To Brabant
AwardsDutch Creativity Awards 2022
Winner Bronze Category Influencer & Brand Partnerships

ASML, the world leading manufacturer of lithography machines critical to the production of microchips, was founded in Brabant. Born and raised in that same region in the south of the Netherlands, Vincent van Gogh has a legacy that lives on there: his search for perspective and light characterizes his Brabant period, most evident in his first masterpiece ‘The Potato Eaters’, which he painted in Nuenen in 1885.

To celebrate ASMLs collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum and their latest exhibition ‘The Potato Eaters: Mistake or Masterpiece?’, ASML asked Wolfstreet to highlight the partnership.

The Big Idea

After sifting through Vincent van Gogh’s 819 letters, we found many parallels to be drawn between the life of Van Gogh and the journey of ASML. We were able to piece together the perfect letter using sentences of original Van Gogh letters, re-creating a letter to his home region Brabant.

This new letter was the script for the campaign film ‘A letter to Brabant’. It depicts a version of Vincent van Gogh going through life, remembering the hard work needed to succeed and showing unfaltering resolve to achieve his goals. Just as ASML had a rocky start and held true to their mission until they eventually succeeded.

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