Campaign Best in Town
Social Strategy
Post-production approached us with a new challenge – to create a campaign that would drive engagement and bring attention to the best restaurants in Amsterdam. The goal was to create a conversation around the city’s culinary culture and position as a key player in this discussion.
Our approach

To achieve this, we came up with a unique approach – we decided to involve various Amsterdam locals in the campaign and let them share their opinions on what they believed were the city’s best restaurants.

We produced a series of main films as a starting point, after which we enlisted several influential Amsterdam foodies to share their personal interpretations, comments, and reactions through their social media channels.

Some of the notable figures who joined the campaign included Sophie Straat, Vjeze Fur, Robbert Rodenburg, Julia Mekkes, and Moïse Trustfull.

The campaign will be visible on various social media channels and will be rolled out with local variations in other European cities.