360° Campaign

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2 days. 8 scenes. 8 locations. 40 slates.


360° Campaign

Catawiki believes everyone has something unique. Something that distinguishes them from the rest. Whether it’s a love for old-timer cars, a collection of model trains that got out of hand, a striking clothing taste or an interest in everything that comes from the 60s. For these people Catawiki organizes special auctions every week. Auctions with unique objects.

Wolfstreet developed a full 360-degree campaign centered around the main theme: “What makes you, you?” The campaign consisted of a television commercial, social media video ads, photography, a landing page, and outdoor advertising (digital abris and billboards). All materials were produced and delivered within a period of 2 months. We guess that’s what makes Wolfstreet, Wolfstreet.

Agency Wolfstreet
Creative director Jort Wildschut
Strategy director Lex Noteboom
Creative team Kim Alers & Emmy Beijk
Director Jurriaan Kamps
Producer Beau van Assem


Catawiki is a platform where the word unique has many meanings, on many levels. It is for the unique people, the enthusiasts with a passion they want to express. And it is for the unique objects, that hold a special story. Catawiki is the place where all these unique people, objects and stories come together.

Collection Content


Besides the main campaign that focused more on the human aspect of ‘unique’, Wolfstreet created ‘product focused videos’ as part of a big Formula 1 auction. Several items that belonged to the legendary Brazilian racer Ayrton Senna were auctioned.

“We like to partner with scale-ups (like Catawiki, Adyen, Onefit and Picnic) because they, just like us, dare to challenge the traditional way of advertising.”

Jort Wildschut Creative Director
289 Deliverables
3 Shooting days
43341 New app downloads
28402835 Impressions