What makes you, you

There is something unique in everyone. Something that makes you, you.¬†Whether it’s a love for old-timers, a collection of model trains that got out of hand, a striking clothing taste or an interest in everything older than 1900.

Catawiki is there for everyone with something unique. For lovers of modern and classical art. But also for book fans, record collectors and die-hard fashionistas. For these people Catawiki organizes special auctions every week with unique objects.

Wolfstreet developed a full 360 degree campaign with a television commercial, social media ads, a website, and outdoor advertising (digital abris and billboards) in a period of 1,5 months.

Jort Wildschut, creative director and partner at Wolfstreet: “We are very proud that Catawiki has given us the confidence to make this campaign. Our business vision – combining strategy, creation and production under one roof, in order to achieve better results more effectively – met seamlessly with the wishes of Catawiki. At Wolfstreet we like to partner with scale-ups (like Adyen, Onefit and Picnic) because they, just like us, dare to challenge the traditional way of advertising.”

Deleted scenes

2 days. 8 scenes. 8 locations. 40 slates.