Short Film


Short film

Meet Kyra. She is young, rebellious, tough and vulnerable. Kyra is portrayed at different times in the prime of her adolescence. She runs, screams, dances, cries, drinks and laughs. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with no one around her. This is the time of her life.

Kyra is a short mosaic film about a sixteen year old girl. The film was all written and produced in-house at Wolfstreet. Emily Reekers wrote the poem, Erik Verwey composed the dreamish soundtrack. Combine this with the stunning cinematography of Martijn Melis, and you got yourself a winning team.

Kyra was selected for the Go Short Festival in Nijmegen and the Très Court International Film Festival in Paris.

Agency Wolfstreet
Director Jurriaan Kamps
D.O.P. Martijn Melis
5 Nominations
1 Shooting day
50000 Online Views
600 Vimeo Likes