Awareness Campaign

nijntje & Het Sikkelcelfonds

Awareness Campaign

Every year, 300.000 children are born with sickle cell disease. Without treatment, 75% of these children will die before the age of five. To support the fight against this deadly disease, Miffy (nijntje) has become an ambassador of the Sickle Cell Fund.

Wolfstreet was asked to create a major awareness campaign. Because too few people know about this painfully unknown disease. A TV commercial and outdoor assets were developed. Although the commercial was seen by millions of people, we believe this campaign can never have enough attention.

So, after reading this, please visit the website and see what you can do to help.

Client nijntje
Agency Wolfstreet
Director Kay Lindhout

What is sickle cell disease?


Sickle cell disease is the most common hereditary blood disease in the world. In sickle cell disease, red blood cells become sickle-shaped. Hence the name sickle cell disease. Characteristics of the disease are severe anemia, excruciating pain attacks and an increased risk of serious infections. Over time, the organs in the body become irreversibly damaged.

About thirty million people worldwide suffer from sickle cell disease. Scientific research is of great importance. Unfortunately, sickle cell disease is relatively unknown, so there are not enough resources available to carry out much-needed, groundbreaking research.