On That Ass

Dare to wear it

Boxer shorts are hot. It is no longer unusual for men to have fierce discussions about the latest models. ON THAT ASS, the only Dutch boxer shorts brand that delivers unique boxer shorts to their subscribers every month, is one of the trendsetters.

The company wanted to increase its brand share and partnered with Wolfstreet to achieve this. Raymond Klaassens (ON THAT ASS) explains: “In order to grow our brand, we need relevant content that suits our current brand positioning. Wolfstreet helps us realize our ambitions for the coming years on a creative and productional level.”

The boxer shorts brand kicks off the new campaign with the pay-off ‘Durf jij ‘m aan?’ (‘Dare to wear it?’), hinting at the adventure that lies beyond every boxer shorts. ON THAT ASS likes to challenge its users with great designs and satisfying comfort. But how far will they go? Wolfstreet came up with a story about a man who falls from one adventure into another, by wearing ON THAT ASS. For both the protagonist and Wolfstreet, the brown bear was probably the biggest challenge..

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