Video Campaign


Video Campaign

OneFit is an app that gives access to the best gyms and studios in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Cologne and Barcelona.

Why OneFit? OneFit hates traditional fitness memberships as much as you do. They offer the most flexible membership plan. No commitments. To challenge audiences to try OneFit free for one month, OneFit asked Wolfstreet to come up with a video campaign.

Hero, hub, and outdoor? Read more about what we did below.

Hero, hub, help?

Content strategy

In a world full of noisy intrusive advertising, how do you grab consumers’ attention – and keep it? The ‘Hero, Hub, Help’ strategy can be a helpful way to tackle the challenging task of video marketing. With knowledge and learnings of today, Wolfstreet has extended and further developed this model. This framework formed the basis for the campaign content.

Hub films

Say Hi To..

Hero content is great for raising awareness, as it is bold and emotive. It sticks and resonates. In the OneFit case the 25″ hero film consisted of five Hub films, each with its own pay-off. Hub content is all about keeping viewers engaged.

Wolfstreet came up with Hub videos that focussed on specific OneFit sports, beliefs and characteristics. The films targeted specific audiences to dare to take on the challenge themselves.



Outdoor makes the dream work. OneFit is all about local. Hyper local. This resulted in multiple customized OOH deliverables per city. These deliverables targetted residents of Amsterdam and Rotterdam in a personalized way on several big screens in their city.

1 Hero Film
5 Hub Films
25 Help Deliverables
350000 Impressions