Van Gogh Museum


Van Gogh Museum

TVC / Cinema

Just like portraits of the past, (self)portraits of today contain emotions, secrets and vulnerabilities. Themes such as identity and self-analysis are of all times: 12 million selfies are uploaded to the world every week. So how did artists back then present themselves, and how do they do now?

For the Van Gogh Museum exhibition ‘In the Picture’ Wolfstreet developed a hero film that inspired potential visitors worldwide to visit its portrait exhibition.

By showing a selection of well-known and lesser known works from the exhibition, and by linking the paintings to examples of (self) portraits in the present, we ask questions that will make the visitor think when seeing the exhibition. This way the commercial provides food for thought on how, why and for what purpose the artist makes a portrait. Then and now.

Client Van Gogh Museum
Agency Wolfstreet
Director Jurriaan Kamps
D.O.P. Stephan Polman


Media performance

The film was broadcasted on TV and in cinemas nationwide, and helped the Van Gogh Museum to set the tone for its new exhibition. The film proved to be a conversation starter on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with many people discussing image and identity. Because the film formulated the central themes of the exhibition so well, it was decided to let the film also be part of the exhibition.