Jort Wildschut

Creative Director / Partner

Jort Wildschut

Jort is creative director and partner at Wolfstreet. He has a passion for brands and the way they position themselves. Because of his background in economics, he has the ability to approach creative ideas in a way that it is both innovative as it is lucrative.

Jort his style is characterized by original storytelling, with humour, an eye for detail and a sense for what aligns with the company’s identity and appeals to the target audience. He is able to translate imaginative brain waves into solid concepts, which he enjoys nearly as much as surfing on actual ones.

He pushes himself to always deliver a product that is right down to the last detail. This has resulted in many impactful campaigns, one for which he received a ‘Golden Calf’ nomination at the Dutch Film Festival (NFF), in the category ‘Interactive’ in 2018.

Jort is always keen on renewing himself and draws inspiration from innovative entrepreneurship. This has resulted, among other things, in the birth of the Amsterdam Ferry Festival: an annual, floating art festival that will take place on the ferries of Amsterdam.