Oma’s Soep
Client Oma's Soep
Campaign Brand Film

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, there is a concerning trend of elderly people becoming more socially isolated.

Oma’s Soep is a remarkable brand that creates soups inspired by recipes from elderly individuals. The company uses the profits generated from the sales of their soups to organize a diverse range of activities for isolated elderly individuals. Furthermore, through their outreach campaigns and product offerings, they encourage us all to recognize the importance of contributing to this cause.

Our approach

Throughout the entire creative development and production process, Wolfstreet incorporated both young and old. We worked together with young talent from the Dutch Film Academy and invited elderly people to help out during the shoot. In this way, the process itself reflected Oma’s Soep’s cause of fighting loneliness by bringing together people.

The campaign was launched on various social media platforms shortly after Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Its purpose was to draw attention to the fact that, despite the festive period of togetherness, some individuals may still feel lonely. By highlighting this issue, the campaign encouraged people to share a cup of soup with anyone in need of some company.

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