Client Vinted
Campaign Rewind
We hate throwing away stuff. Clothes can remind us of our past, while still holding so much potential for the future. With Vinted, secondhand can transform into someone’s first. Rather than hitting the bin, it leaves a closet and embarks on a grand new life. It create memories for someone new, somewhere new. It may be your last time wearing it, but it’s their first..
Our approach

The six concepts: First Kiss, First Headstand, First Solo Trip, First Dive, First Job, First Recipe, are all developed around the creative idea of “reversing” the journey that each item makes from its current to its previous owner. Emphasis is placed on the experiences, stories and connection that are passed on by giving the clothes a different life through Vinted.



The campaign has been tailored and localized for both television and digital channels in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, the Czech Republic and Canada. In the course of 2022, several additional films will be added to the campaign for different markets.
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